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365 art challenge #18, 19, 20

Monotypes no. 18, 19, 20 and ghosts with relief printing, hung up to dry.  It seems simple enough to roll ink onto a relief block, but learning exactly how much ink should be applied takes a lot of trial and error.  Once the block is inked, is it better to hand-transfer the ink to paper […]

365 art challenge #16 & 17

Monotype no. 16 & 17:  oil based relief ink on plexiglass with relief print. The above prints are on a lovely Japanese paper called Kitakata.  Below are prints on mystery scraps of Western paper.  I have quite a lot of Kitakata paper in a unique shade of light green, and am resigning myself to the […]

365 art challenge #15

Monotype no. 15:  Aquarelle crayons dissolved in water, painted on plexiglass prepared with gum arabic; also relief printed with Gamblin oil based ink.  A recent “once every 30 years” snowstorm paralyzed our city, leaving me so restless with captivity I had to carve a little wood block.  I never quite got the hang of relief […]