Monthly Archives: December 2016

365 art challenge #8

Monotype no. 8: Charbonnel water based etching ink on Stonehenge paper. A portrait of my sweet tabby Billie, who is sick today. Water based etching ink is much better to work with than water based relief ink. The ink was difficult to roll onto the plate evenly, but it had a long working time. Unlike […]

365 art challenge #7

Monotype no. 7: oil based Gamblin relief ink on Stonehenge paper. I’ll add some pastels to the ghost as soon as it dries…which could take a while.

365 art challenge #6

Monotype number 6: oil based Gamblin relief ink on Rives BFK paper. I wanted to stick with water based media until the weather is warmer, since the home studio is unventilated and working with the windows open in winter is out of the question. For this print, I gave in to the temptation of oil […]

365 art challenge #5

Monotype #5: water based Speedball relief ink with ink retarder, printed on Rives BFK. I picked up a sweet little Dendrobium at the nursery, with 8 buds yet to open and 5 spikes in development. I hope to be drawing this plant all through the month of January.

365 art challenge #4

Monotype #4: water based Speedball relief ink with added ink retarder, printed on Rives BFK paper. Drawing or painting directly onto the paper may save this from the recycling bin.

365 art challenge #3

Monotype #3 and ghost:  water based Speedball relief ink on copper, printed on what I believe is Rives BFK paper.  The previous two monotypes have used additive processes, where the image is made from painting onto the support plate.  This print uses a subtractive technique, completely covering the plate with ink and wiping it away […]

365 art challenge #2

Caran d’ache artist’s crayons drawn directly onto the aquatint test plate used in print #1.  I have little to say about this print except that I’m obviously wasting my time with additive monotype techniques.  Onward to subtractive monotypes! I did read afterward that artists can get nice results by shaving bits of artist’s crayons into […]

365 art challenge #1

Watercolor pencils on a copper aquatint test plate, printed on Fabriano Rosaspina paper.  The white patches are where the paper stuck to the plate and tore.  Maybe watercolor pencils would lift from the plate more successfully if I used a stronger paper, but I’m not holding my breath. Monotypes are one of a kind prints, […]

365 art challenge

This is the best book on monotypes I have yet to find.  I visited author Kurt Wisneski a few years ago at the university where he was a printmaking professor, and he later mailed me a copy of his wonderful book.  Even more important than the book was the advice he offered about graduate school […]

Not Childproof

An unexpected visitor reminded me yesterday that my house is not childproof!  An odontoglossum was knocked from the shelf to the floor, cracking its pot when it fell.  I figured since the plant had already been disturbed, I might as well switch out the potting mix.  Unfortunately, being in the middle of an ice storm, […]