It’s been a while since my last site update, but I’m very excited to have a new body of work to share.  I’ll have a small series of new monotypes on view at Bite Studio on Friday, June 7th, 2019.  Bite Studio is located on the corner of SE 7th and Harrison in Portland, OR […]

Earlier this month, I showed some monotype prints at Bite Studio’s monthly opening.  All of the prints shown were inspired by the early spring blooms of my back yard. My favorite feedback of the evening was from a coworker who declared my prints to be “very metal.”  Above is the moodiest, most “metal” of the […]

Last year I made my first attempt at gardening in the back yard of the new house. While the results were less than spectacular, I did manage to grow a few flowers and vegetables, saving the seeds for future seasons. This winter I’m working on illustrations for seed packets to be given away to friends […]

This weekend I participated for the first time in Buckman Elementary school’s annual arts and crafts sale.  30% of all art sales went directly to Buckman, a Southeast Portland school with a focus on the arts.  It was a pleasure to meet some of the talented students and their endlessly enthusiastic teachers, and it was […]

This is “Paphiopedilum II,” one of nine orchid prints I’ll have on display at Bite Studio’s First Friday art opening tonight.  I’m sharing the walls with fellow printmakers Lynn Maritch, Peggy Masters and Kay Myers, who will be showing monotypes, collagraphs and mixed media collages.  Great art, wonderful company, and excellent refreshments…what better way to […]

This is an etching I began back in 2012 that never looked quite right to me.  I struggled for years to figure out how to achieve evenly aquatinted tones, and just when I seemed to be getting it right, it appeared that this plate had been lost.  I’ll spare you the details of the vermin […]

This is one of three phalaenopsis orchids rescued from the clearance rack of a big box grocery store back in 2014.  I took dozens of photos of the flowers promptly after bringing them home, which was a good thing, as this particular plant died very quickly from what I guessed to be crown rot.  When […]

I’m taking a break from my 365 monotype challenge to wrap up work on etchings for an art opening next week.  As soon as I file the edges of this plate, it’ll be ready to edition…it may even be dry before I mat and frame it! The marks on the flowers were made using a […]

Nowadays, when drawing flowers from life, I’m careful to take documentary photographs, as an etching is never completed while the plant is still in bloom.  No photos were taken while making the preliminary drawing, which made it difficult to complete the etching. After about two years of aquatinting, scraping, burnishing and re-aquatinting, I decided that […]

In the above photo, I’ve found a solution for using thin Japanese papers for monotype.  The paper has to be dampened or the watercolor won’t transfer when printing, and the dampening turns the paper outside the printed area into a crinkled mess.  I decided to cut the paper down to the 4″ x 4″ printed […]