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This is one of three phalaenopsis orchids rescued from the clearance rack of a big box grocery store back in 2014.  I took dozens of photos of the flowers promptly after bringing them home, which was a good thing, as this particular plant died very quickly from what I guessed to be crown rot.  When […]

365 art challenge #16 & 17

Monotype no. 16 & 17:  oil based relief ink on plexiglass with relief print. The above prints are on a lovely Japanese paper called Kitakata.  Below are prints on mystery scraps of Western paper.  I have quite a lot of Kitakata paper in a unique shade of light green, and am resigning myself to the […]

365 art challenge #15

Monotype no. 15:  Aquarelle crayons dissolved in water, painted on plexiglass prepared with gum arabic; also relief printed with Gamblin oil based ink.  A recent “once every 30 years” snowstorm paralyzed our city, leaving me so restless with captivity I had to carve a little wood block.  I never quite got the hang of relief […]

365 art challenge #12

Monotype no. 12:  oil based Gamblin relief ink printed on mystery (Copperplate?) paper. I think it’ll be much easier to manipulate the ink when I start adding solvents, but I’m reluctant to do so until Spring, when I can open the windows at home.

365 art challenge #11

Monotype no. 11:  the first layer is shaved Aquarelle crayons dissolved in water, painted onto a plexiglass prepared with gum arabic, printed on very lightly sized mystery paper. The second layer is linoleum, printed with oil based Gamblin ink.  I’m pleased with the rich, saturated colors of the Aquarelle crayons, but not so pleased with […]

365 art challenge #10

Monotype no. 10:  Charbonnel water based ink on mystery (Copperplate?) paper.  Reductive monotypes:  harder than they look.

365 art challenge #9

Monotype no. 9:  Charbonnel water based etching ink on Stonehenge paper.  I fell way, way behind on my 365 art challenge during the week that I was syringe feeding, pilling, and bathing my deathly ill cat.  Billie is down two pounds since her annual exam in August, but seems to be recovering well.  I’m determined […]

365 art challenge #8

Monotype no. 8: Charbonnel water based etching ink on Stonehenge paper. A portrait of my sweet tabby Billie, who is sick today. Water based etching ink is much better to work with than water based relief ink. The ink was difficult to roll onto the plate evenly, but it had a long working time. Unlike […]

365 art challenge #7

Monotype no. 7: oil based Gamblin relief ink on Stonehenge paper. I’ll add some pastels to the ghost as soon as it dries…which could take a while.

365 art challenge #6

Monotype number 6: oil based Gamblin relief ink on Rives BFK paper. I wanted to stick with water based media until the weather is warmer, since the home studio is unventilated and working with the windows open in winter is out of the question. For this print, I gave in to the temptation of oil […]