Oncidium III

I’ve printed this two-plate etching in several different color combinations, and I think I’ve finally decided which one will make the cut.  The plant I drew the image from was mostly violet and white with a little bit of yellow:





I tried printing with colors that were faithful to the plant as I observed it, but I was unhappy with how the color of the paper showed through the darker violet.


I tried changing the color of the paper and using different wiping techniques, but it wasn’t until I tried an altogether different color combination that I declared the print to be finished.



I’ll be editioning the print shortly, and until then I’ve listed an artist’s proof online for sale:  Oncidium III.


  1. I like Oncidium III
    How much for the print?
    Met you at airport


  2. Kathryn deVillers · · Reply

    Hi David,
    An artist’s proof in brown and gold is available on Etsy.com for $50.
    Thanks for looking!


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